Our Story

Welcome to Raptor Spares

Our history is grounded in the rich soil of a family wrecking yard, where the founder’s earliest steps were taken alongside towering shelves of auto parts and the echoes of hammers and wrenches. It was here, among the relics of countless journeys, that a profound respect for the automotive world was fostered. From these humble beginnings, Raptor Spares was born—a sanctuary for all who share a passion for the craft of cars. We’re not just a parts provider; we are the custodians of a legacy that drives the dreams of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Heart of Raptor Spares

Bassam 'The Captain'

Bassam, fondly referred to as ‘The Captain’ at Raptor Spares, perfectly blends an eye for detail with a deep understanding of what car enthusiasts and professionals seek. His commitment to excellence, a trait passed down from his father, ensures every automotive part and service meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Echoing his favorite phrase, “Can we fix it? Yes, we can!”, Bassam brings a problem-solving and customer-first approach to the business. His dedication not only reflects in the superior quality of products but also in the trust and rapport he has built within the automotive community. For Bassam, every client’s need is a new journey, and at Raptor Spares, he ensures that journey is both successful and satisfying.

Our Mission: Quality and Reliability

At Raptor Spares, we're on a mission to simplify the daunting world of vehicle repairs. With our deep roots in auto repair, born from a family wrecking yard, we're not just a supplier; we're your supportive partner. Whether you're tackling unexpected repairs or embarking on a restoration project, our goal is to provide you with the right parts, guidance, and peace of mind. We take pride in offering straightforward solutions that make fixing and restoring your car hassle-free. Trust us to be your go-to resource for quality parts and expert advice, ensuring a smooth and stress-free automotive journey.

Building Trust: Our Customer's Voice

"Excellent experience at Raptor Spares! Came from interstate, placed a deposit on seats. Balance paid on arrival; seats were ready and got help fitting them. Bassam included missing interior trims. Will definitely purchase again. 11/10."

- Sleepisforthedead, 4 months ago

"The best wrecking business I've encountered. Bassam is honest and a true gentleman, offering great range at competitive pricing. Highly recommended."

- N X, 6 months ago

"Amazing service, brilliant communication, and fast postage. A true gentleman! If you need Ranger parts, talk to this man."

- Troy Lawrence, 3 months ago

"Purchased a P5AT 3.2 and couldn't be happier. Friendly service, easy to find the right engine, straightforward checkout, and prompt delivery. The engine works great."

- Greg Honisett, 8 months ago

"Contacted in the morning for a part, received a callback within an hour, picked up the part by lunchtime. Friendly, helpful, and offered fitting advice. Great service!"

- Matthew Stevens, 6 months ago